Thursday 9 May 2013

A criminal great unknown line

Sometimes these days, for part of my journey to work, I chat with a former colleague of mine, who now works in a different company and takes the train from the station after mine. She is half-Italian half-British and knows a bit of French. I was reading this book yesterday (the original French version that is), and she asked to have a look at it. She was happy she could easily understand the words. I said: "If you want when I finish it you can borrow it." She answered: "No, that's ok, I can switch on Italian news and that's the same." I thought it was funny, and it deserves to be a great unknown line. I was glad, as I was not being serious offering her to borrow my book. I don't like to lend books to people, they tend never to return them. I guess I do the same. Anyway, I found this line interesting, as it shows how Italian Montreal can be, in its most unpleasant ways.

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