Friday 31 May 2013

Grey Day

The title of this post is is a lame, lame, lame word play on May Day. Not that it was such a troublesome day, but it was grey. So anyway, today was the last day of May. I was wearing the grey shirt that makes me look very greying. It was cloudy, so the skies were grey (it got sunnier later). We had a very grey May this year, cold and gloomy. Today it suddenly got hot and sunny. But in the morning, looking at the skies, I thought Grey Day sounded like a good title post that was summing up the month. And in the evening, when I was at the station waiting for the train to go home, I saw another cat, a new one, at the train station. I am not sure if this one is feral, he was quite chubby and looked well fed. His fur was short and... grey. I took a picture of him. Not a good one, but hey, it's a pic of one of the few feline squatters (owners?) of the train station. The second one in a very short period of time. So this is it, a grey cat on the last day of a grey May. I wonder what to call this one. Any suggestions?

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