Tuesday 28 May 2013

Of mini-bars in our day and age

My brother PJ is (was?) in Edmonton. On his first morning, he woke up in the very early hours, 4:40AM, unable to sleep. Of course, he mentioned it on his Facebook wall. My suggestion: "Check the mini-bar and choose your poison". I think it is good enough to be a great unknown line. A great unknown line, but a poor advice: there was no mini-bar. I mean what? No mini-bar? I first blamed Edmonton, (sorry Debra!), thinking that a hotel without mini-bars was barbaric, then I remember that I didn't see one in my room during my last trip in Manchester. Okay, so it was not a very fancy place, but still. I wonder if mini-bars are not a thing of the past. They were everywhere back in the 80s-90s when we used to travel, filled with overpriced bottles and snacks. Now in our day and age, you have internet access, while the mini-bars are maybe becoming a rarity.


Gwen Buchanan said...

For sure, add that to the great unknown lines list. Love it!

Guillaume said...

My great unknown lines often remain unknown.