Friday, 24 February 2012

Sandwich treat (average results)

So I had my usual sandwich treat for Friday: smoked salmon baguette, but with soft cheese instead of horseradish sauce. And, since there was no white bread baguette anymore, I had a brown bread baguette. It does not taste nearly as nice and not nearly the same. The taste of the brown bread gets in the way of the salmon. I had cashew nuts on the side, at least this was just as enjoyable as usual. But I don't know, overall I didn't appreciate this lunch as much.

And if it makes sense, I didn't feel like I suffered for it enough: the temperature was splendid, warm, so I didn't feel like I was braving a hostile weather and environment to get my grub. Oh well, it could have been worse: on my way there I saw a crashed car upside down, lying on its hood. In a narrow street just before the sandwich shop. How did that happen I have no idea. In any case, I should not complain about not suffering enough. Maybe I just miss the treats I had in Montreal: the wraps and of course the bagels. Comfort food wise, things have been underwhelming since I am back.

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Anonymous said...

I must agree that a brown bread sandwhich is just not as good. I know that it supposed to be healthier, but then the taste suffers. Tonight as a treat we got takeaways. I chose a halloumi and sweet chilli sauce veg burger and fries. Then the man serving me asked if I wanted white or brown buns. I simply laughed. I went the whole hog and had the white buns too!