Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bob Dylan on Sunday

I did not need to search for long to know what song to upload here today, for a sunny but cold and as usual monotonous Sunday. I often upload religious music (an irony for a Godless man, I know). In a way, this one is too, or at least there is something spiritual about it. So I was watching Watchmen yesterday and early in the movie there was a sequence with The Times They Are-a-Changin' by Bob Dylan. And it struck me. I needed/had to upload it here.

And for those who are blog hopping, welcome to Vraie Fiction.


BlogLoveTherapy said...

Great post. He has some really good songs. =)

Thanks for participating in the hop. =)

my mini bag said...

Nice song. Love Bob Dylan.

PJ said...

Je comprends pas l'adoration envers Dylan. Il a quelques paroles inspirés, mais sa poésie et sa musique sont plutôt ordinaires. Leonard Cohen est supérieur en presque tout point.

Anonymous said...

Great song, great songwriter, great way to end/start a week:-)