Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Maple syrup and exoticism

It is Shrove Tuesday today, so time to eat pancakes. I usually make some for dessert, but not sure if I will make some tonight as I am tired. I mainly have pancakes with maple syrup, of course, which here is even more expensive than in Québec. Most of the maple syrup sold here comes from Québec. The one they sell in Waitrose comes from Beauce and it makes it sound like it is a wild, far away land. Beauce. In Québec. I read it on the label a decade ago and I never quite got over it. It is so strange to see my country through the eyes of a tourist or an advertising person. here, maple syrup is an exotic product, and Québec an exotic place, at least when it is time to sell the darn thing. I know my Italian friends feel the same. They must experience this feeling way more often than me. Still, I always feel odd looking at a bottle of maple syrup here. I feel very much foreign.


Cynthia said...

Ca fait drôle de ne pas trouver de sirop en canne comme au Québec, je ne sais pas si c'est comme ça en Angleterre mais ici ils le vendent juste dans de petites fioles en verre!

mishshell said...

Yum!! I love pancakes! They are super yummy! I had french toast yesterday! :)

Lipstick fridays@hotmail.co.uk said...

Love pancakes x
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Its a great idea isnt it xx
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tao.owl said...

We have extended family that live in Ottawa and they bring us maple syrup when they are visiting. It's such a treat!

PJ said...

Y a juste au Québec où on vend le sirop d'érable en canne. Je ne suis pas capable de l'acheter sous d'autre format, sauf peut-être les bouteilles en plastique brunes une fois de temps en temps. Et avec la canne, on sait si c'est cher ou pas!

sweetwahine said...

Yuum pancakes. :) I just found you, I will be checking out your adds and sponsors every time I comment. Have a beautiful day!!