Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Gloomy Ash Wednesday

It was (and is still for a few hours) Ash Wednesday today, the beginning of Lent. It was gloomy, all grey and dark and not very nice. Not cold, but not warm enough to make it pleasurable. Just wet and cool. It is strange how sometimes the day looks exactly like it should look. Today was a day like this: Wednesday looked like Wednesday, and even more so.

I could use this post to be very thoughtful and try to be philosophical, like I sometimes am, but I did this before for Ash Wednesday. I thought I would instead, because of lack of mental energy, publish here a new great unknown line to cheer everybody up, especially recovering Catholics (ever noticed that alcoholic and Catholic sound very similar? Yes I know it's a bad pun). So today in my gloomy office on the gloomy afternoon of this gloomy Ash Wednesday, I heard my name mentioned by some colleagues chit-chatting. So I asked: "Somebody was talking about me?" One answered: "Yes, well, you heard me saying your name?". And then I gave this sarcastic reply with a sarcastic delivery (I am after all an actor, sort of): "Well, I heard something that I thought somewhat sounded, maybe, like some gurgle vaguely reminiscent of my name." IMy name is often massacred here, you see. At least it makes for good writing material.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a nickname or something for the murderers to use as an alternative:-) But I do know what you mean. People rarely get my surname right. I have even had it mis spelled on official documents. So I feel your pain...