Wednesday 15 February 2012

Pink Floyd and Sisyphus

I am feeling quite tired these days, trying to deal with a jet lag that never really seems to dwindle and at work I feel a bit like Sisyphus (never a good sign).And well, for some obvious reason I had this Pink Floyd Song in the head when I got home. I had noticed it before: it does have allusion to the myth of Sisyphus, what with the rabbit catching the sun and digging holes repeatedly. With the other existentialist themes oftene xpressed in Pink Floyd's music and this piece in particular, I wonder if they read Camus or if it is just a coincidence. Anyway, this is my second post this week about a Memento Mori. A more profound, poetic one this time. A more beautiful too. Unlike me, Pink Floyd is ageless and immortal.


tao.owl said...

I have always enjoyed this song. I have been feeling tired lately too; this song is perfect for my mood right now.

The Gill-Man said...

I LOVE Pink Floyd! There is also a four-song cycle on the Ummagumma album called Sysyphus.

I'd be shocked if Roger Waters hadn't read Camus. I know most of the existentialist themes that crop up in PF's work come from Waters (okay, most of their SONGS come from him, but that's besides the point), and he seems incredibly well-read. Actually, all the guys in Floyd seem to be quite educated, so I just can't see them not being at least familiar with Camus.