Monday, 6 February 2012

Back in bleak Montreal

Since midday today, I am back in Montreal. Do not get me wrong: Montreal is by far my favourite place to live in Québec and maybe in the world. But let's face it: by this time of year, with this kind of winter, it looks rather bleak. The weather is not cold, it is around zero, but it does not look nice, it is a cocktail of dirty snow, grey ice and slush. And it is quite wet. I have to say, I do prefer sometimes colder temperatures. That said, some people keep the morale up even when it looks bleak outside: in the taxi that took me from the station to the flat, the Haitian driver ewas singing along enthusiastically the créole songs that were being aired on his radio. I thought it was an interesting picture of Montreal's daily life. I haven't seen many taxi drivers smiling, let alone singing, in rainy grey England. Granted, not every taxi driver here are as cheerful as this one, but still. That's why I prefer Haitian taxi drivers over the others: they are most of the time friendly and cheerful (besides I have family bonds with their homeland). That improvised performance was worth the ride and it certainly brighten my day.

Oh and on a side note, bleak or not, Montreal has character.

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