Saturday, 11 February 2012

Trying to survive the jet lag

I am back from Québec since this morning, after a too short stay in my country. I am dead, or I feel like it. I always had issues with jet lags and I haven't had one of this sort (West-East) for a long while. They are the worst, of course. I know of the ways to deal with it, but I never really followed them, except for keeping myself hydrated. If I am still alive by the end of the afternoon, I should blog again (I have a lot to blog about), so please check this space if you are worried about me.


Gwen Buchanan said...

maybe your body is just trying to tell you it didn't want to leave yet. That was a short visit..

Cynthia said...

Bonne chance, le trajet Amérique > Europe me tue à chaque fois.

Anonymous said...

Holidays are never long enough home. You never visit all the places or people that you want to. I hope that you recover from you jetlag soon.