Thursday 23 December 2010

Getting into the festive spirit

I am trying to make the best of the situation. The worst is over, I am comfortable at home and ironically now that I am stuck here the snow is going. But hopefully there will still be some left at Christmas. After messing up my trip home, that is the least I could expect. But I am getting in the spirit. Which now means:

-Reading. I have at last time to read. I will try to finish that book on Viking mythology, as I associate Norse mythology with Christmas. There is also this book which is about Christmases in Québec.
-Listening to Christmas carols. I got pretty much all my family's discography on an USB port. Hopefully it will help me cope with the homesickness.
-Cooking. I will try to make a yule log and will make some cranberry sauce. Maybe make some mulled wine too.
-Eat clementines.I associate them a lot with Christmas.
-Increase my alcohol intake. Well, this has already started. I notice that I usually drink a lot more during Christmastime, when I am at home with my family. I don't get drunk or anything (well, not anymore), but I do drink more. Once a year, I think I can do this.


Anonymous said...

Noe that's the spirit!

Anonymous said...

Your optimism is like a warm winter fire, and your post has made me hungry...that yule log sounds yummy...I hope that you attempt the cooking before testing the mulled wine :-) Happy reading, cooking, and drinking. Tis the season to be merry tra la la la la!

suzanne said...

Sorry to hear that you're a victim of the Great Heathrow Snow Tragedy. It's been making the news here on a daily basis, likely because it would be such a non-event by Canadian standards. Glad you're managing to make the best of your altered plans. Merry Christmas! :)