Thursday 16 December 2010

Acting night

It was my last acting lesson last night. We performed Chekov's Marriage Proposal, half reading the lines half playing, it was pretty much a mess but I enjoyed it tremendously. I was worried that I blogged too much about my acting class and in a way I probably did, however I feel like I barely touched the topic. I did not really talk about the physicality of acting, or the strong group spirit that one feels there, or the fun of getting the lines (some of them anyway), or the things I learned. I will do it again next year. The aspiring acting world is my community, maybe the one I feel most close to. We have all decided to get back in touch as early as possible during the new year.

There is a lot to say about it, but as it happens sometimes I feel like I would either be saying too much or too little. So I will just put here a quote from Cicely Berry, which our acting teacher gave us:

"I think one of the greatest fears of the actor is that of not being interesting. This really need never be a fear because everyone is interesting in that he is himself. When you get to the point which says "This is me, it will change, and perhaps improve, but this is me at this moment", then the voice will become open."


Anonymous said...

Take a bow, and never apologize for writing too much about something that gives you such pleasure, and which you are so passionate about. However if the Royal Shakespeare company gives you a call you may have to learn your lines...I am teasing of course, but the mess that you write about seems to have been a great success, and by the sound of it, your fellow actors agree. I look forward to reading about your further adventures in acting next year...

Anonymous said...

Very well said anonymous. I feel the same way.