Wednesday 22 December 2010

At least there is snow

This is whatI have people told me, and what I have been telling myself since I got stranded here. I may not see my family, my godson, I will not eat all the good food I usually stuff myself with, I will not play Dungeons & Dragons this year (I sorely miss our games), I will not play with the electric train (another thing I will miss), I will not smell the Christmas tree, but at least there is snow here. Still, I should have been careful what I wished for. It was not the holidays I was planning to have. But after this post, I will blog only cheerful posts, promise. I will find something. Eventually.


Anonymous said...

You will find beauty in an English Christmas now because you have decided to, and so your glass is now half full, rather than half empty. I hope that it overflows for you. (with wicked, delicious food, and wine, as well as happiness :-)

Mozart's Girl said...

I'm so sorry,Guillaume. You will know from my post that we're suffering disappointment too...but I hope you have an unexpectedly good Christmas anyway! All the best to you both, and every good wish xx Rachel

Gwen Buchanan said...

Christmas brings different emotions to all of us and it's ok how you feel... you don't have to hide it.

we have no snow yet.. and that's ok too. Merry Christmas to you!