Sunday 19 December 2010

Keep calm and carry on

The title of this post was inspired by a classic piece of WWII British propaganda. I am using it today as a mantra and also as an ironic reminder. As my readers probably know from my previous post in French, I was supposed to be home for Christmas, but I will probably be stuck here, because of the snow that fell. I made fun at the way the English are unable to deal with winter, but that is utterly unfunny. I mean, I am used to winters where things get slow because of the snow, but stopping to a gridlock like that? Being one of those victims of the weather? I mean I know winter! I grew up in it! We were on our way to Heathrow and we saw the country getting paralysed by the minute. I just could not believe it. So yes, for the next few days, I will try to keep calm and carry on. But I cannot help but find bitterly ironic that the country that carried on when the Luftwaffe was bombing the country could surrender so easily to a snow fall.


PJ said...

Ils sont mieux de s'y habituer en Angleterre parce que tous les modèles de changements climatiques prédisent un refroidissement de l'Europe du Nord avec le dérèglement du Gulf Stream et du courant jet. L'argent dépensé pour se préparer à l'hiver à Heathrow peut paraître grand mais n'est rien du tout comparé aux pertes énormes de fermer la shoppe pendant la période la plus achalandée de l'année.

Anonymous said...

Was it not the opposite last year. Were you not marooned in Montreal?