Tuesday 17 November 2009

Poutine again

Ce blogue devient Ma femme va trouver le sujet de ce billet dégoûtant, ou "dégûuuuuutant" comme elle dit. Marie-Claude Lortie a écrit un billet sur la poutine et l'intérêt que le plat national officieux (l'officiel est le pâté chinois) du Québec a suscité récemment chez le New Yorker. Le podcast de la conversation ici.
This blog is turning back into a food blog it seems. Anyway, to my wife's probable dismay, the poutine is getting famous outside Québec. The New Yorker has been interested about it and you can find here the podcast of very interesting conversation about the dish and its cultural significance.

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suzanne said...

Interesting to discover that poutine is continuing its march toward world domination. When I was in university, a decade (or two) ago, I met a student from Quebec who used to rave about his favourite food: poutine. No one else had ever heard of it. Then suddenly, it was everywhere. Long may it reign!