Sunday 22 November 2009

Meeting anniversary

Okay, it is my second post in English in a row, but I had to blog this one. I am a man of traditions and rituals. I practically celebrate everything I can, everything I find significant in my life. Soon it will be the meeting anniversary of my wife and I, which I blogged about last year. Funny how small things change one's life dramatically.

So, for those curious or patient enough to know the story, here it is, very briefly told. Back in another lifetime, I was in my hall of residence, eating a mince pie, when she showed up in the kitchen. Not very dignified for a first meeting I guess, me eating a dessert I don't like all that much. Since then, I always have mince pies around that time of the year. Anyway, I had finished my mince pie when I saw a girl getting in the kitchen smiling. I think that's the first thing I loved about her: my wife always had a lovely smile. She and a common Greek friend had decided to come at the last minute to see another common Greek friend and then to go to a Greek party upstairs.

Still with me? Anyway, they invited me right on the spot to the Greek party. I don't know if any of you had ever been to Greek party, but they usually involve loud Greek music, loud Greeks singing Greek music, Greek dancing, Greeks talking in Greek, Greek wine, ouzo and usually something to eat (in this particular party, a high supply of crisps). As we were the only non-Greeks there, my future wife and I spent most of the evening talking to each other. She tried to go easy on the crisps and I surprisingly got easy on the ouzo without any effort. Maybe because ouzo is so strong I felt like I was drinking bleech or something, but I remained sober.

I can't remember much about the topics we talked about. I remember we chatted about the British monarchy and the prank call a Quebec comedian did to her back in the 1990s. So my first conversation with my future wife was on a pretty trivial topics. I also remember sharing crisps with her and drinking sips of ouzo to be polite to our hosts. I don't know if there is a moral to the story. Maybe that the most important events of your life are usually the result of random encounters. Or maybe that Greeks are cool.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

So sweet! One of my favorite sayings is..."Very little is needed to make a happy life." Or something like that...and it is so true! I like celebrations, rituals and tradtions too. :o)

Correspondent said...

Belated anniversary congratulations, Guillaume.

Gwen Buchanan said...

when you mentioned a Greek party I immediately brought to mind Togas... no togas thrown in for good measure with all those Greek goodies... ? or are togas only reserved for the Romans?

happy almost Anniversary, you two!!!!