Sunday 15 November 2009

Crime de la crime

"...the first sin I have to confess to you is gluttony."

Amadeus, Peter Shaffer

I have been wanting to use this quote. I might have done already, thinking about it. The title of this post, however, is from Ian Fleming's Goldfinger. I thought it would work for what I am blogging about this evening, as it is a creamy item. As you might have suspected reading this blog, I have a sweet tooth. I also have a homesick love for cream fudge, which is a traditional Québec sweet known there as sucre à la crème (see, cream/crème/crime, the title makes so much sense already, especially since eating something so rich is almost criminal). It's a great little dessert, nice, rich, filling, sugary and it is perfect comfort food. During the Christmas holidays, we used to make a cream fudge variety with Caramilk inbetween two layers of the fudge. It's a perfect fix for sugar addicts like myself and absolutely decadent. In another life, which means more than a decade ago, I tried to make cream fudge, but failed miserably. It turned into caramel, so my family used it to make a sugar pie. Not all was lost. So I have a bit of a love story with this piece of creamy sugar. When I feel homesick, which is the case very often these days, I get in the mood to eat something from home. I got lucky recently, as a sweet shop opened where we live and it sells a very good variety of cream fudges. Not as good as what I can sometimes find in Québec and it is a bit pricey for what it is, but I love it nevertheless and I often need it, so there it is. On a more selfish note, one of the good thing about cream fudge is that my wife does not like it much, so it is one of those desserts I don't have to share. I have the ambition to make cream fudge here one day, but given my bad experience the first time I tried and my bad luck with other desserts, I am afraid it might end up badly.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hello...well I am just now getting around to posting a bit here and there. My kids extracurricular activities have had me swamped. But I had to mention that I too love fudge, but it HAS to be chocolate. No other flavors for me. And the creamy kind is indeed tasty. But we also make a different style of fudge here in the South that has a dryer, crumbly texture that melts in the mouth. It's really hard to describe accurately, but boy is it delicious. I bet you'd really like it too. Now, I want fudge and Fish & Chips...thanks a lot!

suzanne said...

I feel your cream fudge pain. Despite trying a variety of recipes, I have NEVER been able to successfully make cream fudge, nor could my mother before me. Odd. I always and up with a thick caramel sauce which is then used as ice cream topping. Delicious, but not fudge. One day I stumbled upon a recipe for sucre a la creme and I've never looked back! It's difficult to restrain myself from eating an entire pan of it. :D