Friday 20 November 2009

A long awaited new poster

I would be neglectful to forget to mention here one piece of news that touches me particularly: Ariane Sherine and the BHA have launched the last phase of the so-called "atheist bus campaign", targeting this time the faith schools. I love the new billboard campaign and I really love the nod to Pink Floyd in Ariane's latest article. Faith schools of all denomination have been pretty much a plague here. Hell, state schools are also hijacked by religion, which is enough of an aberration in itself, but the state should not fund or encourage in any way particular faiths to cut children away from a society that is still a secular one. Because this is what is at stake here. Of course, the campaign will offend the usual offended. Which is great. It shows the weakness of what they are defending. I grew up in a school system that was labelling us as Catholics before we could even understand what it meant and what ideology it was defending. I wish we had then a healthy dose of secular reflection introduced in the public space, it might have freed my mind then.

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