Thursday 27 February 2014

Musing on the end of February

There is only one day left to the month (I know, I start this post by a dreadful commonplace). At work, the end of the months are always terribly busy, so tomorrow will be no exception. Furthermore, it was busy all week. I often find February more exhausting, partially, I think, because it is the shortest month. We had a particularly nasty month this year in the UK and it is finally starting to look better, so just for this I am glad it will be over. But I usually look at the end of it with a certain happiness and even trepidation. Because February, however short, is rather monotonous. Am I the only one to think it is? This year, I will definitely feel that I have earned it: it is fittingly ending on a Friday. I love when the last day of the month is on the last day of the week. I feel it ends on a good note and a bit of a crescendo.


Cynthia said...

I love that the months ends on a Friday, that way it's the week-end and pay day at the same time!

Guillaume said...

Yes that is nice.