Tuesday 25 February 2014

Omertà's Fame

Well, it came as a surprise, but I have to say it: fame at last. Fellow blogger and Montrealer Kevin Burton Smith added an entry on Pierre Gauthier on his Thrilling Detective website. And if you look at the bottom of the entry, you will see my name (with a typo). I blogged about Omertà before, maybe the greatest crime drama that ever came from Québec TV. Pierre Gauthier was its main character and masterfully played by Michel Côté. His character contributed a lot to the development, on TV at least, of crime fiction. So I am glad he is recognized on the entry of Montréal private eyes on Kevin's website, especially now that he is a full fledged private eye in the movie sequel/spinoff, which unfortunately was rather poor. And I am glad I modestly contribute to give more exposure to the series and its hero.

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