Wednesday 5 February 2014

Daily dose of Apocalypse

I have recently published two pictures, one last Sunday and one about a month ago, showing the effects the recent heavy rains had on a nearby park, half drowned in the River Thames, or the rain itself. Well, it has not calmed down at all: last night I was woken up by the pouring rain and the strong wind. Going to work today, the train was late probably because of the weather, and all the way to work I could see the water from the river covering gardens and sometimes almost reaching the railway. It poured some more during the day. And it seems that more storms are coming in the following days. The news are filled with weather warnings. So there is no rest for the wicked or the virtuous. I feel that live is now a daily Apocalypse.I have been through a flood before and I am lucky enough to live far away from the water this time again, so take this one smoothly. That said, I understand that for many, this time is really apocalyptic.

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Cynthia said...

Pour le moment à Paris nous avons seulement le vent ... en espérant que la crue centennale de la Seine ne soit pas pour cette année (dernière en 1910)!