Monday 24 February 2014

The virtues of Earl Grey

There is something I learned during my last time in Aux Vivres in Montreal, on their teas menu (you can see it here, on the second page): Earl Grey tea is meant to be energizing. I usually have it in the morning at work, and it is true that it makes the difference between the zombie feeling I have in the morning to the state of a a normal healthy person I am in later in the day. I wonder if it did not become my morning tea by instinct. I do find myself more alert after I drank it. Here I drink Twinings, which is maybe the most famous brand of tea, especially when it comes to Earl Grey. But I would love to try David's Tea's Earl Grey and some of its variants. Which reminds me that I will need one day to write a proper post about David's Tea. But until then, I encourage workers to ditch coffee and go for Earl Grey.

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