Thursday 13 February 2014

What book is missing here?

I took this picture in a newsagent in Montreal, on the Plateau Mont-Royal. Even the newsagents have a decent choice of books, at least of crime fiction. I wouldn't take a picture of bookshelves or, in that case, of a table covered of books for nothing, there is something that struck me the moment I look at this one, it was even a bit of an epiphany. Do you see it? It is quite obvious. The answer in the next paragraph (no cheating). One clue: I took this picture in Montreal.

You see it? There's a book titled Londres Noir, Rome Noir, but there is no Montréal Noir. No Montréal Noir, in Montreal, in a newsagent, with a decent choice of crime books, in a city that has a history of crime that would deserve some recognition. I have not seen any Montréal Noir from Folio Policier, I don't think they even bothered. And I find this a little bit tragic.

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