Sunday 16 February 2014

Arya Stark and me

I recently answered some silly questionaire/quiz about which character of Game of Thrones I am. I have watched eagerly the TV series (and I am now up to date in the episodes) and I have even started reading the books. I am not a die hard fan or anything even approaching it, but I enjoy the stories and universe of George R.R. Martin and I am hooked enough. I have a confession to make and I hope any fan reading this does not get angry: so far I prefer the series to the books, on the whole. I do not find Martin that great of a writer and I find the quality of the acting on the show to give some depth and intelligence to Game of Thrones. Anyway, as my readership knows, my favourite family is House Stark. So I was not entirely surprised that according to this questionnaire, I am Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams. Well, it was either her or Robb Stark. But I admired Arya from earlier on than Robb. I found it a bit strange that I am a girl in this fantasy universe, but hey, it was only one silly questionnaire, about a fictitious character in a fictitious world. I do not know if I am all that much like Arya, I am more of an intellectual than her and not nearly as physically active, but I admired her. A tomboy lost in a man's world (and a nasty man's nasty world at that), a loner and an underdog, who goes through a hellish time with courage and resourcefulness, she is just a lovable character, a good guy (well, a good gal) without being soppy.

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