Tuesday 4 February 2014

A godfather/godson moment

I saw my godson and his family twice during my last visit to Québec: once in their place, once at my parent's place for dinner. He asked me then to read him the story of Sigurd and the dragon I had read a little more than a year ago at Christmas. I was impressed that he remembered it, remembered not finishing it and that he was eager to know the rest. Unfortunately, as my godson had forgotten parts of it, we had to start from the beginning again and we could not finish it... again. All the same, he enjoyed himself tremendously, like he always does. He seems fascinated by all things legendary. He is slowly getting, thanks to me, a modicum of knowledge in Norse mythology. Moral of the story: I may not teach my godson anything about the Catholic faith as in theory I should, but I am still the best godfather (as he said himself) because I help him develop his imagination and he learns plenty about the far more interesting Viking mythology.

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