Sunday, 2 September 2012

Small planet

The strange thing about being an expat is when someone out of the blue recognises when you are from. It happened to me a while ago here, in one of the local wine shops: a Canadian guy working there knew I was Quebecker. He even knew about Chicoutimi, which he visited. So since then I have a contact at the wine shop who helps me choose the right product when I get there (I buy more beer than wine, by the way) and with whom I can speak a few words of French. This planet can be quite small.


Anonymous said...

I am often reminded of this. It is true that the world can be a small place. I was once at the top of a mountain resort in New Zealand, half way round the world from home, when I met a girl who went to the same primary school as me. It happens, but it still takes one by suprise.

Guillaume said...

That is more amazing than my anecdote.