Wednesday 26 September 2012

A Lexicon

I thought I would write here a list of a few expressions of my own invention, to give them to posterity, or cyberposterity. I make it sound very grandiloquent, but when life is monotonous, dramatising the vocabulary to describe it is one small, meaningless pleasure. A biography can turn into an epic saga with the right words. And this blog is called, after all, Vraie Fiction. So here they are, not in alphabetical order (it is a disorganised lexicon):

-The Pit of Hell: The workplace on a bad day. Or a good day.
-To be clinically dead: To be very, very tired.
-To be at death's door: feeling a bit under the weather, but being very dramatic about it. Usually when I have a cold or a shiver.
-An Odyssey: a journey, generally home or to a place I have once called home. Odysseys are by definition, I think, journeys where you seek and find what you have left.
-Ghosts from my past: old friends I meet again, even though it is only through Facebook, or simply acquaintances.
-It's not given: It is expensive. English translation from the French "c'est pas donné".


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

Well said. Odessy....yes, that describes a lot.


The Gill-Man said...

"Pit of Hell". Yeah, I like that! In fact, I've been known to listen to the AC/DC classic "Highway to Hell" in the mornings as I travel to the job, so this works!

Guillaume said...

I thought the Odyssey and the Pit of Hell would stand out.