Sunday, 23 September 2012

Learning Italian (sporadically)

As I mentioned earlier this month, I finally decided to learn Italian. Well, I have not been very disciplined so far, I don't do this every night as I should, but I do try to go through a few lessons of Assimil, repeat them so I can remember the words, etc. I thought I would write a post from time to time about my progresses, or lack of. So far, I can order order breakfast (providing it is pastry) and coffee, I can book a room in Italy, asked if the train arrived or not and say if the journey exhausted me. I still struggle with the verbs, but I think the first lessons focus on nouns and adjectives. I guess I need to walk before running and stay patient. And speaking Italian, even small, simple sentences like these, is fun in itself.


VioletSky said...

I look forward to reading your progress and what you order for lunch.

Guillaume said...

Ordering lunch should be easy. Beer too. And when they offer you another drink, I already know the answer: "Va bene!".