Friday, 14 September 2012

Lucifer Sam

I love cats. I love how mysterious they are and how spooky they can be, even when people think they look devilish. I don't care: they have the charm and beauty of the devil. I love Pink Floyd. And Halloween is getting closer and closer. So I had in the head all day Lucifer Sam, an early song of their first album. Since I don't put enough Pink Floyd on Vraie Fiction, I decided to upload the song here. This is pure primitive psychedelic pleasure.


tao.owl said...

Well you already know that I am friend of the felines; however, you probably didn't know that I am a Pink Floyd fan. I listened to a lot of Pink Floyd growing up and I even had the opportunity to see them live. It was one of my very first concerts and it was awesome!

Guillaume said...

Hey cool! That's another thing we have in common.