Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A canine great unknown line

I haven't published one in a little while and there was one that I remembered. I wanted to save it while I had it in mind. It dates from my early days when I was working in a school. I was still enthusiastic about this new job that was paying badly, as I thought it could lead to more and I was not yet treated like dirt by some of the staff. And I was also a novelty for the pupils, so I was interesting to them as a newcomer. Before class, some of the girls, among the naughty ones, sometimes trouble makers, were chatting. I had been warned about them right before they moved in. One asked me my age, I answered 30, and the leader of the group said: "That is 140 in dogs age, sir." I answered: "Well, it's a chance I am not a dog." She started laughing and was still laughing at the joke when the course started. I had many difficult classes and many difficult moments there, but ironically enough, never from this class and never from these girls. I often wonder if it was not because of that throwaway line.


tao.owl said...

It's too bad those nasty coworkers didn't hear how your pupils inadvertently made them look stupid.

Guillaume said...

Oh those pupils were difficult children, but they never made me see Hell like others... or like some teachers/teaching assistant!