Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Learning Italian (at last!)

After more than a year of procastination, I have finally decided to be focused, disciplined and to learn Italian: my mum had bought me this package with CDs and book to learn, the Assimil method, so I have listened to a few lessons already. Not many, and I repeat the lesson so I can keep the words in my head. So far I think I can order a coffee, which is good as Italian coffee is the only one I like to drink. A lot of it constitute of re-learning things I knew already, but had forgotten, or things I had heard but never quite understood. I know I have the accent already, this has been confirmed to me more than once (see here and here), I even have an Italian name (Guglielmo Bergamo) now if I can finally become an Italian speaker... Well, I'll have learned something that I have been wanting to learn for at least two decades. It's about time.


Cynthia said...

Io sono Cinzia, frequento la scuola ... I learned Italian in Montreal a long time ago ... but I kind of forgot it.

tao.owl said...

I am still trying to learn french and haven't really put much effort into it lately, just haven't been motivated I guess. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Guillaume said...

@Cynthia-Tu en sais toujours plus que moi!
@Tao.Owl-I am glad and honoured I can be inspiring.