Saturday, 22 September 2012

Autumnal Equinox

In case people needed reminding, today is the autumn equinox. It is a day earlier than last year. It is the official, astronomical, solar, whatever you can call it, beginning of autumn, because after today the nights will be longer than the days. But for me, autumn really starts on the first of September. Especially when it has been feeling so autumnal for quite a while, like this year. Here it is sunny and cool outside, AND it is Saturday, so it is a perfect time to enjoy it. I will start celebrating this day by uploading one autumnal picture, taken in my home region of Saguenay (in 2010 and in early october). I will also start it in music, by uploading (again, just like last year) here Autumn from the Four Seasons of Vivaldi. Next year I will try to be more original, promise. But it will probably still be baroque, because baroque is perfect for the season.

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