Saturday 17 May 2008

What did Chamberlain do? (a frustrating yet fascinatin video)

I guess it's all around the internet now, but I'll show it here anyway. I found this on Richard Hétu's blog. It's baffling, surrealistic. An indigest cocktail of ignorance and loud mouth. The worst thing is, we find this sort of ignorance displayed here by Kevin James (never heard of the guy before, don't think I missed anything) everywhere in the world. But you' ve got to give that to United States: they have some educated people who can actually put those big mouths at their place, right in the middle of their verbal diarrhea. Québec journalists are often more on the whussy side. Anyway, I think the whole rhetoric (if you can call it that way) of Kevin James (and Bush and co) against Obama in that whole controversy could fall into Godwin's Law.