Monday 12 May 2008

The Godfather (and, in this case, the godmother)

We spent the weekend in Swindon, where my wife became the godmother of her very little cousin (she's a few months old). The ceremony was slightly different from the Catholic one, but not much, I could follow easily. There were loads of children, and more friends than family. I think that was the most important difference: in Québec, baptism is more family-centered than community-centered.

Anyway, it was a lovely day. It was a good occasion for me to wear a suit, even though it got quite hot in the afternoon, so I got rid of the jacket and tie. It is also not practical when you have to amuse nearly a dozen children and play the hungry monster running after them. Remember that scene in The Godfather when Don Vito Corleone dies playing the ogre with his grandson? Well, that's what I did yesterday. If I hadn't eaten so much, I think I would have lost a couple of pounds, just by running around growling. Anyway, the whole day reminded me of The Godfather: we had a big family/community reunion, lots of children, a baptism (or Christening as they call it here), some wine, lots of food and a man in a suit running around playing the ogre.

And as it is "de circonstances", here is The Godfather main theme:

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