Thursday 29 May 2008


I spent all day in London today, most of it around Picadilly Circus. I am exhausted, but happy. It is a change from here and it's a nice city to visit (to live in, I don't know, but I am curious). Some observations about today:

1)London is nice both in the sun and in the rain.
2)It is a city plagued with tourists. I guess it's normal that the city attracts people and I was a tourist myself, but still, it makes London tacky. There are lots of gift/souvenir shops around, selling very cheap items and lousy postcards.
3)Londoners are often rude. I saw at least two arguments today.
4)Witnessed a rehearsal of Trooping the Colours. It felt like the whole army was rehearsing, but not the Queen. The monarchy is like London: often tacky.
5)There are so many restaurants I want to try there, especially burger places.
6)It's not original, and it is probably the most recognizable place for a tourist in London to go, but Picadilly is probably my favorite place in London.


PJ said...

Comme je disais ailleurs, Londres donne l'impression que Toronto est un petit village tranquille et sans la moindre personalité.

Frankofile said...

In central London, I used to like Westminster and Whitehall - the view from St James's Park bridge was (still is, I hope) amazing.

Anonymous said...

I was only ever in London twice and both times it was raining; still, it was beautiful. But I am certain that it does get the usual onslaught of tourist that many 'big' cities get, and especially so at this time of year.