Wednesday 28 May 2008

Christopher Eccleston as Destro?

I found a bit of info by total chance today, and I cannot believe it. Christopher Eccleston will play Destro in the next GI Joe movie. I absolutely love the actor, I have been following his career since Cracker, and as a child growing up in the 80s, I was crazy about the stupid 80s GI Joe cartoon (the comic books were supposed to be much better). That said, I am very skeptical about the GI Joe movie. I read a review (a positive one, mind you) of an early draft and it was to say the least heavily flawed, and I think casting a young actor as Cobra Commander is a big mistake. Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be a good actor, I don't think the head of Cobra should be someone who is still in his 20s. I know Eccleston wanted to get known in the American market, he deserves to have a wider fanbase, but I think this might be below his talents. I really enjoyed his role in Heroes though. One thing is sure: whatever the quality of the movie, they did the right casting for Destro. Which means that I am going to watch this movie.

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