Tuesday 6 May 2008

An afternoon at the Duke

I went to the Duke of Cambridge this afternoon, I love this pub more and more. When I feel down and out and I am in England, and especially when I feel down about England, I go and get a drink in an old pub, and everything gets just right. And it's not because of the booze! Anyway, I love their little ménagerie, with the chickens (as I said to my wife: I go there for the chicks), the doves, the dogs (there is a big scary one, but he doesn't seem dangerous, he smelled me and looked at me with curious, but not agressive, eyes), the parrots (one is name Joey and he bites and swears, what's not to love for?). Anyway, I was there, I had half a pint of stout (not ideal for this kind of weather, but there was not much of a choice, surprisingly) and then a cider with fruits des bois, not bad but it tasted like a soft drink, it was a bit too easy to drink really, especially with this temperature. As usual, the people there were nice and just chatty enough.

I swear, I will write an entry in English about Omertà.

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