Tuesday 13 May 2008

There is nothing wrong with British beef

That's what my wife told me once when I said I was a tad concerned with MCD. Coming from a vegetarian, it meant that the bad press England got because of MCD really must have hurt the pride of everybody here. What she said that day is now my motto everytime I want to eat beef in this country. Since there is nothing wrong with it, I might as well have some. Sometimes she regrets saying that to me. Anyway, my wife is in Windsor for a dinner with her friend tonight, so I decided to go in a pub for a pint and a burger. I love burgers. The Duke of Cambridge didn't seem to have their kitchen open, so I went to the Cross Keys, where there was a barbecue and some...burgers. I had it with a side salad (there was no chips). There was no French mustard, but some nice HP sauce, tabasco sauce and a tiny bit of ketchup did the trick and gave the burger some flavour. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with British beef indeed. Especially with a nice pint of real ale.

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