Monday 26 May 2008

Dinosaurs are boring

There are two sci-fi adventure movies with dinosaurs this late morning on tv, one is The Lost World, based on the Arthur Conan Doyle novel (which I want to read) and The Land That Time Forgot, based on an Edgar Rice Burrough story (Burrough is of course the father of Tarzan). I am flicking through both of them. I should enjoy both, I used to absolutely love silly sci-fi adventure stories about lost worlds with dodgy special effects, but so far I am bored. The Lost World has lizards with fake horns in front of a blus creen posing as dinosaurs! And it is set in the 60s! Boring. I thought dinosaurs fighing humans would be really cool. Well, so far I am not even enjoying the silliness. Shame. in The Land That Time Forgot, you can see the wires on very still the pterodactyles. I remember watching its sequel, The People That Time Forgot, when I was a child. I tought then that it was very entertaining.

I have a vague memory of The Warlords of Atlantis, which I want to see again. From what I can remember, it was quite ridiculous but enjoyable. I think I need a bit of escapism.

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