Friday 23 May 2008

Last Supper

We are watching Real Hell's Kitchen at the moment, a documentary about the stress that goes with the restaurant industry, sometimes leading to alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. I used to be a dishwasher in a fancy restaurant when I was a student, I remmeber how stressful it could be, especially since I was the lowest form of life in the kitchen (but the pressure on the others was tremendous too). It inspired me so much that I wrote a short story about it in a creative writing course during my undergraduate studies, rewriting the account of Last Supper through the lives of a kitchen staff, where the head chef/Christ was dying of a cocaine overdose. It was very appreciated. I might "publish" it here one day.


PJ said...

C'est pas n'importe lequel "fancy restaurant", la cheffe a quand même gagné un prix de meilleur livre par une femme chef au monde depuis que tu y as lavé la vaisselle. Et publie donc, faut pas laisser ses lecteurs dans le noir.

Eugenie said...

Ahh you guys should have seen the kitchen of the buffet... you would have died of a heart attack with what we do back there!