Sunday, 5 November 2017

First fireworks

I blogged recently about fireworks here on Bonfire Night. Well, yesterday we went to see my wife's university friends (we spent the night there) and celebrate Bonfire Night with a home made fireworks display in their back garden. There were lots of children, in fact they were outnumbering the adults: the three kids of our hosts, the two of my wife's other uni friends, then of course little Wolfie. Our son was not the youngest: there was a six months old baby girl there as well. So it was Wolfie's first direct and conscious experience of fireworks. He really enjoyed the colours, but the noisy and smoky ones he did not like and after a big bang that really sounded like a gunshot we had to watch it from inside because Wolfie was crying a lot. It does take a lot to scare him, but this was a very loud noise. All the same, he really enjoyed his time there.

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