Saturday, 4 November 2017

Beauty and the Boar

I blogged not long ago about the "book of the year" my dad used to buy every year, which I always loved, as it had plenty of stuff about fantastic creatures and fun stories. It also had sometimes short stories and fairy tales to read. I don't remember all of them, in fact I most likely forgot a lot of them, as my father recently sent me some pictures of one, which are obviously to accompany one version or another of Beauty and the Beast. And I thought it was quite interesting, as the Beast is pictured as an anthropoid boar. A rather benign and friendly looking one, although he is certainly ugly. If you think it looks like the Beast of the Disney movie, you are partially wrong: my bet is that it was inspired by the Cocteau version, which is a true masterpiece. I intend to put some fairy tales on my reading list in the upcoming weeks, I think I should try to re-read Beauty and the Beast.

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