Sunday 1 June 2014

Sunday Roast

It is Sunday, the last day of the weekend and I don't know if you are like me, but I often have the Sunday blues. Here is a way I suggest to fight it: eat a Sunday roast. Charming British tradition, which I love. It might be a bit hot for you this Sunday, depending of where you live, but this is the perfect meal if you feel melancholic, hungry and if you want to forget any prejudice you may have against English food, this is the meal for you.

That is, if you find the right place to eat it. And this leads me to the second intention of this post: to plug the item on the menu of a particular pub, to celebrate the weekend. Even though the weekend is ending, this is a new tradition on this blog. I took this picture and this particular roast at the Grouse & Ale in Lane End, an English village in Buckinghamshire . If you travel there, you better book in advance, because it is very popular (and rightly so). It is an old fashioned, old looking pub full of atmosphere and the food is delicious. I was lucky enough to have the last roast available that day. The potatoes were roasted in duck fat. I felt guilty until the last bite, but they were the best ones I had in ages. In fact, the whole roast was maybe the best Sunday roast I ever had in a pub. Usually there is at least one thing I like less, either some mash that tastes weird or the gravy is not the best. Now everything was simply perfect.


Nellie said...

Oh! I would absolutely love this!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

the only cure for the sunday blues is retirement. i no longer care what damn day it is!!!

Guillaume said...

@Nellie-It is delicious.
@Jaz-I am not even sure if it is. When I was unemployed, I felt the Sunday blues all the same.