Sunday 29 June 2014

Arvida seen from Italy

I blogged two years ago about a terrestrial globe in my Italian friend's family home in Bergamo. Well, she was kind enough to take pictures of the globe at my request. You can see one of it on your left. You can see Quebec of course, but if you look carefully you will notice what struck me about it. You will find it in the area of my region of Saguenay: the town (now borough) of Arvida is named on it as its center. Not Chicoutimi, the main city at the time (and still now, even though it has been renamed). This image is one of my most vivid memories of my friend's place. It can be explained for two reasons: 1)the globe is very old, according to my friend. 2)Arvida was at a time an important industrial town, because of its aluminum factory. It must have been considered a place worthy of mention on a globe, from an Italian's perspective. And Arvida does sound Italian. My mother comes from Arvida, so I have a special fondness for the place. And I find it funny that my friend and her family saw the name of the town over and over again when she was looking at the globe, probably never noticing it, but still there.


Nellie said...

The world is constantly changing, making globes and maps outdated quickly! It is good that you have such fond memories of the prominent places on this globe.

Guillaume said...

Thank you.