Sunday 22 June 2014

Early Countdown to Halloween (?)

It vaguely crossed my mind yesterday, and October Farm reminded me of it in her most recent post, but once the summer solstice is passed, slowly, very slowly, the days will be getting shorter, until autumn starts showing up. Which means, in other words, that we can start the countdown to Halloween. In the middle of a summer that is looking to be quite hot, this may seem incongruous. But is is not. In folklore, witches's Sabbath were celebrated in different times of the year, including tomorrow. As a child, I used to start reading horror stories during summertime, mixed with more summery reads. Our make belief games during summer, don't ask me why, were often centered about haunted houses and castles. And of course, Halloween was always in my mind. Anyway, talking about haunted houses, there is one house in this town that keeps reminding me of Halloween: the one with the Jack O'Lanterns above the ground floor windows. I first blogged about it last August. Last Halloween I could see no sign of celebration there, but they don't need to, I guess. I am strongly suspecting that this is actually haunted. It looks quite spooky anyway, and I thought I would upload the last picture I took of it, to mark this early countdown to Halloween.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

ever since i realized that the actual countdown begins today, i have enjoyed the season even more. and guess what? i went to a festival today and bought a pumpkin! it is sort of like treasure hunting to find the first fall things as they show up1

Cynthia said...

Laisse nous un peu profiter du beau temps avant de penser à Halloween !

Guillaume said...

@Jaz-Pumpkins that early? Or was it one of those glass or ceramic Jack O'Lantern?
@Cynthia-On peut s'ennuyer de l'Halloween n'importe quand. C'est quand même pas le Noël du campeur.;-)