Monday 2 June 2014

Othello and me

Recently, I did another of those silly personality tests you find on Facebook, titled Which Shakespeare Character Are You. I was rather surprised at first, as I came up with Othello. When I think of Shakespeare's characters, he is not the one who comes to my mind first, at least not the character that I would identify with. In fact, in the play itself, I find Iago far more fascinating. If I was good enough an actor and could master the Iambic pentameter, I'd play Iago in a heartbeat. Then again, on second thought, and taking into account that it is a silly test, it sort of makes perfect sense. Granted, I would be a bit pale for Othello. Actually, I would be very pale. That said, if I am not a Moor, neither were any actor contemporary to Shakespeare. And like Othello, I am a foreigner, here in England, and I would still be a foreigner in Italy, if I was to live there. Shakespeare created his share of outsiders, but this particular outsider is more akin to me. And well, I may have my flaws, but overall I think I am a decent guy. I am certainly not twisted like Iago so, while I would play him with enthusiasm, I am far more like Othello. And I am cool with that.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Gawd, I got Hamlet. Am I really an indecisive waffler? I do kind of have mommy issues though.

Nellie said...

That's an interesting exercise! I am not a Facebook user, so never had that opportunity. "Indecisive waffler?" Not sure about that one, though Shakespeare certainly has enough characters to set us all on track.:-)

Week-ends seem to be the time everything is scheduled to occur!

Mantan Calaveras said...

I see you as more of a Prospero type.

Guillaume said...

@Debra-Hamlet was the first Shakespeare play I read and for a long time my favourite. I did identify myself a lot with him at the time. I guess he is a bit like an angsty teenager.
@Nellie-So you have Hamlet too?
@Mantan-Interesting, and flattering (so thank you). May I ask why?