Sunday 29 June 2014

The return of the Bristol crocodile

The title of this post sounds very much like the title of a B movie. It may become one some day. Anyway, I blogged before about this urban legend when it first appeared in February this year. There had been sightings of a crocodile in Bristol. Well, England is full of legendary beasts and not so long ago, and even now, people believed that the countryside was full of unknown beasts. Anyway, the Bristol crock has been sighted again, and this time someone took a few snapshots... that don't show much. I am still very skeptical about it, as I was then. Four months down the line, the crocodile managed to remain off the radar and out of sight? I find it difficult to believe, especially in this day and age, when you can take pictures and videos so easily. I mean a video showing more than what looks like a log. Nevertheless, I find it a fascinating urban legend and new chapter of English cryptozoology. But until there is more evidence, I will remain skeptical. It can always become the inspiration for a good fictitious story.

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