Saturday 20 July 2013


I am plugging a drink again, this time a real ale, from Wild Weather Ales (the website is currently not working, I hope it is temporary). Their ales, for some reason, have been circulating around the local pubs and the wine shops. I tried a few of them, my favourite so far being the Stormbringer. The label is brilliant, with an owling wolf that looks quite devilish. Sadly the photo I took does not do it justice. I am a rubbish picture taker, especially with my cellphone. I drank this beer a few times, but not during or right before a storm yet. I kind of hope it will bring a storm, as I have been hoping for one for a while. So far I have not been very lucky. Still, it is a nice ale.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

So long as that beer doesn't bring a storm to your intestines, all is well.

Guillaume said...

No, I was actually ok.