Friday 5 July 2013

The state of my Italian

A little detail/anecdote that made my day today: somebody thought I was an Italian. More importantly, this somebody was Italian. I went to the sandwich shop I go to for my Friday treat, and I could see the employee at the till was Italian. So I asked him: "Tu sei Italiano?" And after he had said "si", he asked me, in Italian, if I was. I had to say no because I couldn't keep my bluff. But he said I had an Italian accent, although he did not precise if it was Roman, Neapolitan or other. When I explained, in Italian (again), that I was Canadian, he asked if I was from Quebec... Now how cool is that? Next Friday, if he serves me again, I will try to order my sandwich in Italian. My vocabulary is limited, but at least I am building my confidence.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Practice makes perfect!

Guillaume said...

Yes it does. I need to build my vocabulary and get the numbers right.