Wednesday 24 July 2013

First storms

I was hoping for some storms to come for quite some time, as I think a summer is not completely summer without a good storm. Well, we finally got storms. It started yesterday, or to be more precise in the Monday to Tuesday night. I woke up, it was cloudy, but I could see it had rained when I walked to the station and saw the seats on the platforms were wet. I learned later at work that there had been a storm. Then it thundered in the late morning, and rained, and there was a storm for a few minutes, then a second one later. It is supposed to rain more this weekend. I know I should hope for my weekends to be sunny and hot, but I would love to have the leasure to fully appreciate a summer storm.


suzanne said...

I hope you get your wish. We've had more summer storms than usual so far this year. Even a tornado in New Brunswick, which is quite rare.

Guillaume said...

I hope you are ok now and out of danger from tornadoes.